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Calendar of favorable and
not favorable days for the near future

created by an astrologer from Ukraine with 20 years of experience in Vedic astrology


- how to use the calendar


This calendar is created through scientific Vedic astrology.

To calculate the influence of various energies in the calendar, the following are used:

- knowledge about the days of the moon (tithas)

- knowledge about positions of the moon (nakshatras)

- knowledge about the influence of Sundays (vara)

- knowledge about the influence of 9 planets (grahas)

- knowledge about the influence of changes in the zodiac sign by various planets

- what the calendar will give you ...

1. Clarity when and what to plan
2. Act at a more favorable time for your affairs
3. You will be able to avoid problems caused by unfavorable days
4.Increasing the chances of success in your endeavors
5.You will begin to live not against the universe, but together with the universe, on which our opportunities to achieve our goals and success depend

- here you can freely open and download the calendar, below is the button to donate for the calendar (the price is as much as you want), thank you for your kind heart and understanding

- please pay here (free price) or donate for the calendar according to your financial capabilities

- about me ...

My name is Michael HUK & I'm from Ukraine

I love my work because it allows me to help people, thanks to the ancient and active science of Vedic astrology.

This ancient science opens the world in a new way and inspires a person to follow the path of happiness, prosperity and development.


I have been studying the laws of the universe since 1999 and sharing this knowledge with people for their happiness and prosperity.


This universal calendar is very simple and easy to use, while it helps to avoid many problems that arise as a result of not knowing the laws of time and the universe.


Each of us is now at different stages and life paths, so we all have different opportunities - this is one of the reasons why the price of the calendar is arbitrary, at your choice. Let everyone be happy.


Your well-wisher Mykhailo HUK

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